Beatrice Daniele

It took many months before I was able to finalise the bracelets design. After early prototypes I created some hand made drawings and sketches, then I redesigned them in 3D with Cinema4D.

I made many prototypes to have a product that reflected my idea and that was functional. The metal had to be durable, but at the same time flexible. I wanted the bracelets to be light and comfortable to wear during everyday life (all bracelets weighs around 42gr).

I wanted the skin to be perfectly cut and of the right thickness to be embedded on top of the metal. I wanted the jewels to be different for their formal-functional quality, given by the materials and related processes.

I choose to use the Stingray leather, that is my favorite amongst the exotic skins. I love it for its pearly grain texture that looks like a mosaic. It's a very durable leather, that does not vary over time, even in contact with water or fire. The finish is glazed, and stiff and full-bodied at touch.

Important Note: I exclusively use stingray leather from a family of rays that do not need CITES certification, because they are not part of the Washington accord, so are legally imported and verified. For more information please visit

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