Beatrice Daniele

My name is Beatrice, I am a 27 year-old fashion designer with a diploma at the International Institute Polimoda of Florence. Before starting BD, I worked for many years for a major Italian luxury brand in the leather goods department. 

I founded BD in 2016 after attending a 3D design course at the Alta Scuola di Pelletteria Italiana in Florence.

BD is a new concept of leather jewelry handmade in Italy. I design and produce the jewels in my laboratory in Florence. The idea of BD is a combination of my two passions: on one side hand jewelry, on the other side leather goods.

As always, ideas come from ordinary things that are around us. I started applying some small pieces of skin on my rings, I wanted to have an immediate effect, which would allow me to understand if the jewel was interesting enough to build a collection. 

The experiment seemed to work. So I gave those rings to the people closest to me, friends and family, who have shown a lot of interest, giving me the energy to move forward with the project. I also realised something new: it was a wonderful feeling to see people wearing something made with my own hands.

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